The camp is open from June to September.


Isla di Espiritu Santo, Baja California, Mexico
On a desert island on the Sea of Cortez, far from the rest of the world, I set up a tented camp with a group of friends. . The camp was situated on a long stretch of beach flanked by a large rocky mountain. We lived for days on what we fished, sharing our meals together under a big green tent. We felt very close in our little tented village, and depended upon each other. The island was ours, the tides were our watch, and we did not need much else. I came to this island for the first time a few years ago to fish. I was brought here by a Mexican fisherman who was taking me by boat to the best fishing spots in Baja, teaching me how to recognize the best species of fish to eat. I returned to Los Angeles where I lived with a cooler full of fish. At my dinner parties, over a delicious meal of grilled snapper and yellowtail, it wasn't difficult to convince a few friends to go on a new expedition. Organizing expeditions in far away places has always been a family tradition. My uncle, Paolo Tamagnini, was a famous white hunter who organized sea and jungle safaris in Africa all his life. I worked for eleven years with Folco Quilici (a well known italian documentarist) following him across the various seas and oceans of the world. In 1990 I went to Baja California with him for the first time to film whales and it was love at first sight. During my childwood in Africa I had experienced the beauty of waking up to the sun rising on the Indian Ocean, of breathing the humid and warm air of the monsoons, of waiting for low tides to go fishing. I couldn't believe that I had now found all of that on a tiny island in Baja. Just like in Africa, I found that I could set up camp on any of the uninhabited bays, throw a line and catch tasty groupers. I also discovered that I could kayak in deep and tranquil waters for hours, as well as swim amongst the playful seals. I was impressed by the rugged beauty of the peninsula that splits two bodies of water so diverse from one another. The contrast of the dry desert added to the richness of the surf, the fish, seals, and whales, not to mention the fun-loving Mexicans who live there . it all seemed too good to believe. Over the last ten years I have lived and worked in Los Angeles and I have spent all of my free time fishing in the Sea of Cortez and surfing at Todos Santos, a little village on the Pacific Ocean side. I have now decided to share my enthusiasm for this paradise with others. I have established a small tented camp where visitors can experience a wonderful vacation without giving up the simple pleasures of modern life.    

My brother Luca Tamagnini has published a three hundred-page photographic book full of exciting off-season coastal views: the coasts and the sea of Sardinia as you’ve never seen them before. Click to look inside sito_pa/sardinia.html

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