The Typical Day at Camp

You awake to the sound of waves gently rolling on the sand. Breakfast, which begins at 8:30, is waiting for you as you make your way over to the living room tent.
Around 10:30, in our boats we leaves the camp for an excursion around the island where you snorkel in clear waters, or swim with sea lions at their colony. Along the way, you can see dolphins or even pilot whales occasionally. A nice walk on soft, sandy deserted beaches is also among the delights of the daily excursions.
If its June or early July, then a hike along the trails that canvas the island gives you endless vistas of the surrounding waters and beaches.
At around 2 pm you head back to camp for lunch after the excursion. You enjoy an easy lunch (not too heavy, but just right) and afterwards, decide to have some beach reading time in our living room, or in your own tent. Either way, it’s at your pace.
After reading for a while you decide to grab your snorkelling gear to explore the water and beaches around the camp. So you take one of the kayaks—great for beginners or the experienced to enjoy—and head off on your own exploration of the camp’s bay, discovering that life below the water is even livelier than above it.
As daylight moves towards its inexorable end at (around 8 pm), you await the haunting colors of sunset with our famous mango margarita in hand—mingling with the few other guests, or taking in the beauty of the moment on your own.
Dinner follows at around 9 pm where you enjoy a variety of different flavors—some local and some from the old world (but all are quite good). It is a dinner in which easy conversation waxes and wanes on the beauty of what has been seen and the anticipation of what the sun and sea will bring the next day.
Relaxed and contented, you walk two steps to the beach and stare into the night at the billions of stars before heading to your bed to sleep to the sound of the sea.






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